Update regarding CM Punk possibly signing with AEW

As previously noted, there have reportedly been talks about CM Punk making a return to wrestling and people within WWE that are said to believe CM Punk is heading to AEW.

In a update, RingsideNews.com is reporting that it looks like CM Punk is AEW-bound with the site noting the following…

“A source has confirmed to us that CM Punk’s arrangement to work for AEW is ‘a done deal right now.’ At this point they are ‘waiting until they are in person to sign the contract.'”

During the Mat Men Podcast, Andrew Zarian talked about CM Punk potentially debuting at the All Out PPV in Chicago on September 5th…

“I would say that that there is more urgency […] the CM Punk thing is taking a little bit longer, but you kinda got a month and a half, because you definitely want him for Chicago [for All Out] because if this is it then you want him on that show before Chicago.” (quote via RSN)

CM Punk posted an Instagram story with a clip of the song titled “Sirius” by The Alan Parsons Project. The song was used by the Chicago Bulls during the Michael Jordan era and some fans on social media have interpreted this as a clue that CM Punk will be making a comeback like Jordan did in the 1990s.