Update on Thunder Rosa’s in-ring status with AEW heading into 2024

In November of 2022, Jamie Hayter became the AEW women’s champion when Thunder Rosa relinquished her title due to a back injury. Rosa hasn’t wrestled since that period but has been working for AEW in a non-wrestling role.

In June of 2023, it was reported that Rosa was training on a regular basis with Shoichi Funaki in San Antonio, TX for her return to the ring. While speaking to News 4 in San Antonio this week, Rosa confirmed that she is ready to wrestle again…

“I am ready. Whenever that call [comes] and my boss says ‘it’s time for you to return’. I am super excited and I cannot wait to show to the world and you fans that have been supporting all this time that I am ready and have a lot more to give.” (quote courtesy of WrestlePurists.com)