Update on the situation with Thunder Rosa relinquishing the AEW women’s title

As previously noted, Jamie Hayter is officially the AEW women’s champion as Thunder Rosa relinquished her title. During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com discussed the situation…

“The deal with Rosa was that, when she went down, she was going to lose the title at that pay-per-view [All Out] to Toni Storm. They expected her back in November or December, in that timeframe, and I think the feeling was, because of what happened with CM Punk, where they gave him a couple of months, to be consistent they would have to do the same thing here. Now it’s looking like February, so now I think they’re saying February’s too long.”

“With Punk, Punk was supposed to hold the title through that period, so that’s one of the reasons they did it that way. Because Moxley really wanted that championship reign, and he ended up getting another one because of what happened with Punk, but because of that you know they ended up Moxley getting an official reign, and then Punk was supposed to get an official reign back and everything like that. I think that’s kind of unofficially the mentality that if it’s a few months we’ll do the interim title, if it’s like 6 months, it’s too long.” (quotes courtesy of RingsideNews.com)

Rosa did issue a brief statement via Twitter but also wrote “if you want to know how I feel…” followed by a plug for her Patreon account.