Update on the situation with Cody Rhodes not being under contract to AEW

As previously noted, it was reported by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful.com that Cody Rhodes’s contract with AEW expired at the end of 2021 and he is technically a free agent.

In response to a comment that Cody won’t leave AEW due to his WarnerMedia television projects, Sapp wrote that “John Cena is a WWE wrestler with two shows on WarnerMedia platforms.” In regards to Cody’s status as an EVP, a source told Fightful that “he’s a free agent, with no contract with AEW at the moment.”

Sapp also noted the following…

“I think there’s a great chance he stays and everything is business as usual.

I think there’s a chance he leaves based on what I’ve heard about some recent big WWE deals.

I think there’s a chance it just expired as part of a Rhodes To The Top story.

It’s wrestling, so who knows.”

Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com wrote the following on his website’s message board regarding the matter…

“Okay, this is the situation.

Almost everyone is avoiding me today there, so either it’s true and they are all mad it’s out or it’s a work and they don’t want to lie to me.

One person near the top told me they thought it was a publicity stunt but stressed they didn’t know for sure. But one would think if it was a big story internally they would know. But that’s the only person who would even talk to me today.

Remember as far as technical goes. If there was a new contract offered starting this year, Cody has not been there. If they expected to ratify it on 1/5, he was to be there, came to Newark, got the call and flew home before going to the building and hasn’t been back. I know the health reason within his family was legit. So Sapp’s story could be correct, I’m guessing it is, but that’s the situation.

If he’s not there Wednesday it’s a story.

If anything changes I’ll update.”