Update on the report that Ricochet is intending to leave WWE when his contract expires

It’s believed that Ricochet’s WWE contract will be expiring during the summer of 2024. Over the weekend, it was reported that Ricochet has given notice to WWE and will be leaving the company when his deal expires.

Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com noted that “according to those close to the situation, everything is up in the air.” According to Fightful.com, people within WWE believe that there is a “high likelihood” of Ricochet leaving the company. The current expectation is that Ricochet will end up signing with AEW as staff and talent from AEW were allegedly talking about the possibility of it this past week.

Fightful also stated the following…

“We were told by sources in WWE creative that there are already other pitches on the table to effectively write Ricochet off WWE TV if needed. We were told that among those includes a creative plan pitched for Raw that would see Bron Breakker take Ricochet out. As with all creative plans, they can and often are changed, particularly when reported about.”

The exact date of Ricochet’s WWE contract expiring is still unknown.