Update on Ricochet’s condition after finish of fatal four-way match from WWE RAW was botched

As previously noted, the finish of the fatal four-way match from WWE RAW on November 6th 2023 was not executed as planned. It was noted that Ricochet kicked out of Ivar’s moonsault when he wasn’t supposed to.

It’s believed that Ricochet suffered a concussion earlier in the match from a hurricanrana spot when his head bounced off the mat. Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com noted the following about the situation…

“He had no memory of anything that happened in much of the match, but other than that, was said to be feeling fine. He’s in concussion protocol, there is no time frame when he will be able to wrestle again. It could be this weekend and it could be a log time, but the hope was it wouldn’t be long.”