Update on report that The Rock’s promos with profanity have caused “frustration” for some WWE talent

Over the weekend, it was reported by SEScoops.com that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s social media promos with profanity have rubbed some WWE talent the wrong way because they feel there is a double standard.

On Monday, Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com provided an update about the double standard causing frustration within the company. Meltzer brought up how talent were told to never use the word “ass” on FOX because the network doesn’t want it yet Rock used the term several times on Smackdown. In regards to the PG guidelines memo that was reportedly sent to talent, some are said to believe that Rock should be following the rules to set an example since he is on the TKO Board of Directors.

Meltzer also gave the following details about what he was told…

“As one person noted, he [Rock] does what he wants and because he’s on the Board of Directors, nobody is going to say anything to him. He also has an entire team of representatives that he surrounds himself with, so any issues, they handle it, while he stays out of the mess with the people he directly deals with.

But one person noted that there was a feeling that the era of Vince McMahon’s double standards for his handpicked stars and for everyone else was over under Paul Levesque.”

Another reported issue with Rock’s promos are that they have been running long although writer Brian Gewirtz claimed that Rock’s segment from Smackdown “went 30 seconds under its allotted 20 minutes.”