Randy Orton

Update on Randy Orton’s status with WWE heading into the 2023 Summerslam PLE

In recent months, there have been internet rumors regarding Randy Orton’s potential return to WWE television with WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle saying in June of 2023 that Orton would be coming back “pretty damn soon.”

While there has been speculation about Orton returning for the 2023 Summerslam PLE, Fightful Select noted that Orton had not been factored into WWE creative plans as of this past week. Fightful heard that “he’s not yet cleared for in-ring training or action, and those we’ve spoken to say that there hasn’t been an extensive conversation about what the plans will be for Orton.”

A WWE source said to “not count” on Orton appearing at Summerslam and if there are plans for Orton to return imminently, they are being kept quiet. Orton has resumed working out but he reportedly hasn’t resumed bumping and the belief is that he’ll be brought to the Performance Center when he’s ready.