Update on people in WWE testing positive for Covid-19 prior to the Day 1 PPV

As previously noted, several WWE stars and staff have reportedly tested positive for Covid-19 just days before the company’s post-Christmas holiday tour.

It is being said that additional people have tested positive since the news first came out. Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com, who broke the story, provided an update…

“WWE still expects to go forward with all the United States live events next week but there have been a lot of calls and ‘a lot of running around’, according to one source, trying to stay ahead of the situation as they receive additional details on talents and staff who may not be cleared to travel this weekend.”

The current hope is that anyone on the WWE Day 1 card that tested positive will be cleared to compete in time for the event. For upcoming live events, the belief is that NXT talent will be used to fill the undercard if necessary.

A WWE source also told Johnson that “they are dealing with all the same issues that Broadway and sports leagues have dealt with in recent weeks and it’s not anything that could have been avoided, as they have been regularly testing talents before allowing them into venues.”