Update on Kofi Kingston’s recovery after having ankle surgery

Back in March of 2023, Kofi Kingston revealed that he would be having ankle surgery in Birmingham, AL. During an appearance on the Battleground podcast, Kofi provided an update on his recovery…

“I’m actually in Orlando right now doing some rehab on my ankle. I had ankle surgery to remove a bone chip and fix a ligament after the massive Scottish, behemoth of a man’s Drew McIntyre landed on my leg and my body went east and my leg went West and my ankle was completely sprained. But they took out some bone chips and fixed the ligament. And now I’m on the mend. You know somewhere in between a robot and a zombie and you know, so somewhere in between I’m working my way back to the fold. So it’s all good.

That is good to hear that actually 3-17 obviously a day after 3-16 you know what I’m saying? So now I’m really bad with like dates and stuff. It would be, what, 12 weeks on Friday, 12 weeks Postop. I’m doing really well. I actually had this same surgery on the same ankle about six years ago to have bone chips removed. So I feel like this time around, like I kind of know what to expect. And I’ve been kind of ahead of schedule for the most part, and I’m really able to do a lot of like normal people things and live normal life. So now it’s just a matter of trying to, like go to the next level and do WWE Superstar things, you know what I mean in ring, things like that. So I’ve been in Orlando for the past week, just kind of seeing where I’m at and things are looking pretty good. So hopefully sooner than later you’ll see me in the ring, you know, but you are going to see me, you know, hosting the Panthers.” (quote courtesy of WrestlingNews.co)