Update on Jeff Hardy’s status with AEW amidst contract and injury reports

Jeff Hardy has not wrestled since he was injured by Sammy Guevera on the February 14th 2024 edition of Rampage and there have also been reports about his contract expiring. During his podcast, Matt Hardy commented on his brother Jeff’s status with AEW…

“I mean, he’s been cleared. He’s just sitting at home waiting on the call. Unlike me, he’s not someone who really gets out and makes things happen. He just kind of waits on someone to call him. He sits at home, just waiting on that phone call, jumping on the trampoline up and down with the dumbbells. But yeah, he’s got to, like, mid-June or so, I think, and then his deal is up. So I guess we’ll see if he ends up re-signing or not re-signing.”

“He’s very happy to be home. But I do know what’s important to him to finish up his career, and our run on a high note. I know that it’s something that he wants to do. So it’s gonna be interesting to see what happens, you know, and I’m very happy with my positioning right now in TNA, how I’ve been utilized. I have no complaints about it, and they’ve been a joy to work with thus far.” (quotes courtesy of WrestlingNews.co)