Update on claim that hundreds of people left RAW during Alexa Bliss segment

As previously noted, there was a claim that as many as 1500 people left the arena during Alexa Bliss’ segment with Charlotte Flair on the September 20th 2021 edition of WWE RAW. Alexa went on Twitter and disputed the claim.

Dave Meltzer, who was the one that mentioned the 1500 number, addressed the claim on F4WOnline.com’s message board…

“What did I jump the gun on? People leaving during the show. Multiple reports had that including a text Bryan [Alvarez] and I both got right after it ended from someone form WWE. Although he pegged it at 700 leaving but conceded the 1,500 by the main event. One of our staff was there live and said 1,500 and reiterated that again today.”

“The source who said 700 and 1,500 by 10:30 worked for WWE and told Bryan how great the segment was, comparing it to Baker-Ruby on Friday.”

Bryan Alvarez also commented…

“We had someone in attendance from WWE say 700.

We had someone in attendance who writes for this website say 1500.

Both, today, in response to the controversy, said they stood by their number.

Thats the story. People left. Don’t know how many because I wasn’t there. And people who were there disagree.”

“I could report via multiple sources that NXT is having a tough time filling seats tonight but I don’t want anyone mad at me.”