Update on Buff Bagwell following relapse and stint in rehab

Back in August, Diamond Dallas Page announced that former WCW star Buff Bagwell relapsed and had entered rehab. In a video update, Bagwell revealed that he completed rehab…

“I was staying clean Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and tell myself, ‘great job Marc, that’s a great job and you were sober four days, you deserve three days off.’ That’s what the addiction tells you. So I of course dove into that. And it’s like, Hey, um, if I can be clean four days a week, I think I’m doing really good. And most people do. But then it started to kind of catch up with me. But then the show ended. And when the show ended — there was a leash on me with the show and the leash is now off. And now you got me out there in the world with only travel and home during the week was no leash and no accountability. On my own, I realized I was getting bad. I was lowering my pills but I didn’t really realize it until the class I’m taking now what I was doing, it’s called cross using. It’s not a gateway, it’s called cross. Which means if you lower something like I was lowering my pill intake, but I was raising my alcohol, again, telling myself, you’re doing better… you know, enter the intervention on me here four to five weeks ago. And like every other addict does, I was trying to get out of going, of course, I didn’t want to go to rehab…”

“I spent four weeks up there and it was the only rehab I’ve really taken completely 100% serious. And I’m going to get 100% out of it on this one and already have so far and I’m going to continue. This is day 32 or three. I’m not a big counter on your sobriety, but my sober date is August the 26th and today is September 29. So 32 or 33 days I’ve been sober. This is the longest I’ve ever been sober. I’m really excited. I’m glad to be sober, and just how I look at things from my workouts to eating to everything I thought I couldn’t do without a pill I can do now.”

“I’m just back and just ready to continue on what I was doing, which is kind of spreading the word about being sober and sobriety and recovery. And a lot of that goes on out there and you know, it can affect anybody. It hits anybody that wants to hit and it hit me. You’re always recovering so I’m a recovering drug addict, and I have no problem with that title. So that’s what I am and that’s what I’m doing. So I look at it positive and I’m excited for what the future holds man. Really excited.” (quotes courtesy of WrestlingNews.co)