Undertaker comments on a wrestler that he feels is “100%” worthy of being in the WWE Hall of Fame

During his Six Feet Under podcast, The Undertaker commented on if AEW star Dustin Rhodes deserves a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame…

“Absolutely. 100%. This is a semantics thing at this point. I would imagine at some point, down the road. I think his resume is Hall of Fame worthy. Obviously, we know the one stickler right now and I think at some point that goes away. Then I couldn’t see too much time probably going by that he wouldn’t be inducted.”

“He embraced that character [Goldust]. He made it his own. A lot of people talk about me and my character and making it my own but he did that with Goldust. Dustin comes from that traditional wrestling style too with his dad Dusty. But to go so far in another direction than Dusty or what Dustin had done up to that point. That’s a big roll of the dice.” (quote courtesy of SEScoops.com)