Undertaker addresses the Hall of Fame ceremony taking place right after WWE Smackdown

During his podcast, The Undertaker talked about inducting Muhammad Ali into the 2024 WWE Hall of Fame…

“So, Friday I had to get up early and go to Wells Fargo for Hall of Fame rehearsals. I went over there, did rehearsals, and then came back for a couple of hours and turned right back around and went back to the Hall of Fame. I was there forever. They gotta figure that out because that’s a really really long night between SmackDown and then the Hall of Fame.”

“It’s a long night and again we’re in Philly. Once they’re (the fans) done, they’re done. They started out the Hall of Fame with Paul. Usually, the headliner goes on last, right? It was smart, obviously they had stuff they had to do. So Paul [Heyman] starts the Hall of Fame and that’s what most of the people were there to see was Paul. The speech and everything else was so good and engaging. That’s another problem. You give a great acceptance speech and all that. They’re popping and carrying on and they get tired too, right?.” (quotes courtesy of WrestlingNews.co)