Umaga’s son Zilla Fatu comments on a potential run with WWE or AEW

Umaga’s son Zilla Fatu did an interview with Joey Franchize and here are the highlights…

“Being part of the real life Bloodline: “It feels good, Uce. It feels good. I’m happy. I feel like we all deserve it because I got people that came before us. The people that came before me, you gotta give them their flowers, like Afa and Sika, like Snuka and The Rock and Peter Maivia. Those guys really started this foundation for our family. Then obviously The Rock, Rikishi, my uncle, [Yokozuna], they all took it to a whole nother level. Then you got Roman [Reigns], The Usos, The Bloodline, they taking it to a whole nother level. So it’s really a family business, for real, and I’m just so happy and blessed to be a part of this. I’m coming up too. Like I said, I’m on the indies, but I’m not in no rush.”

Where he wants to go: “WWE, uce. That’s the main one. Like I said, back to what I was saying with my family, my family got a long history with WWE. So at the same time, I don’t want to be the first Fatu or Anoaʻi to go to AEW. I don’t want to break that cycle. But it just gotta make sense because everybody’s journey is different. My journey’s different. My story’s way different from Solo’s, from The Usos’, from Roman and Jacob [Fatu]. So my story, I got a whole nother chapter. I’m sitting on a whole nother side of the table.” (quotes courtesy of Colin Tessier)