UFC’s Dana White gives his thoughts on CM Punk being brought back to WWE

UFC President Dana White, who now has a business relationship with WWE due to the TKO merger, commented on CM Punk during an interview with SI.com and here are the highlights…

Punk’s return to WWE at Survivor Series: “I texted him that night after he walked out in Chicago. It was amazing. I texted and congratulated him, it was incredible… Do I give my blessing? 100 percent. I love the guy.”

Working with Punk in the UFC: “I’ve had nothing but a great relationship with him since the day we met. He’s a super nice guy. He’s one of the easiest people I’ve ever dealt with.”

Punk’s UFC fights: “Look, those were tough fights. You know what else is important? Everybody that he trained with and everybody around him in his camp respected him. That spoke volumes.”