Trish Stratus comments on a possible match against Becky Lynch and/or Sasha Banks

Back in March, Trish Stratus slapped Becky Lynch at WWE’s live event in Toronto. During an interview with VIBE 105.5FM, Trish Stratus commented on possibly making a return to the ring for a match against Becky Lynch and/or Sasha Banks…

“I was hosting the events in Kitchener and Toronto. Becky Lynch was being a little bit of a brat. So it came down to a little slap from Trish Stratus to put her in her place. Will it result in anything else? I don’t know, I still get asked about the Sasha Banks–Trish Stratus moment from the Rumble from 2018. That hasn’t come to fruition so far. At this point, I’ve just been focused on the show [Canada’s Got Talent] and I don’t know. I saw Asuka has returned to WWE television so I’m going to be patiently watching that feud unfold. Becky in the meantime has hit rock bottom, lost her stuff, she lost her Women’s championship. I’m always here waiting in the wings and watching. Maybe or maybe not, that’s what I’ll say to you guys. People were pretty interested. It was kind of fun though.”

“Well, Sasha Banks, I don’t know if she knows or not but I have Vince’s number as well. She’s not the only one that has Vince’s number. You know if she wants to make it happen then she can just call me and make it happen. How about that?” (quotes courtesy of