Triple H addresses Vince McMahon’s spinal surgery and involvement in the creative process

While speaking to media at the 2023 WWE Summerslam post-show press conference, Triple H commented on Vince McMahon having “major” spinal surgery

“I’m not a doctor, I can’t tell you how fast that recovery will be, if I’m a guessing man, I’ve seen Vince comeback from some remarkable things way faster than anybody else I’ve seen do it. He still brags he was back quicker from two quad tears faster than I was from one, so ya know, how long that is, I don’t know.”

Triple H also addressed Vince’s involvement in the creative process

“At this point in time, if all of us didn’t look at moments in time for council from him, for thoughts or ideas or if we have a question to go to him and ask, we’d be silly not to. It’s sitting next to somebody that knows about this or has forgotten more about this than you’ll ever know, maybe, and to not utilize that in some aspect. But is he day to day, no. Is he in it all the time? No. And if anybody has, he’s earned the right to do that.” (quotes courtesy of