Trinity Fatu talks about the “public humiliation” from her and Mercedes Mone walking out on WWE

In an interview with, Trinity Fatu (formerly Naomi) discussed her departure from WWE…

“I understand the game, I understand the business, and I knew what I was walking away from that day, I just didn’t expect to go through it publicly. Mercedes didn’t let me go through it by myself, so having each other made that a lot easier. But to go through that public humiliation together, it was a lot. To be taught a lesson while sitting back, that was hard and hurtful. But it got me to this point, and I’m pretty happy to be where I am right now.

There was a lot of hate and negativity in this situation, but the fans were always there to counter it, speaking for me when I couldn’t speak for myself. That motivated me. I love my fans. I love wrestling fans. They’re very loyal. They’ve been on this journey with me for over a decade.”