Trinity Fatu comments on her friendship with Mercedes Mone following their WWE departures

While speaking to Sherri Shepherd, former WWE star Trinity Fatu (aka Naomi) talked about her friendship with Mercedes Mone following their WWE departures…

“It’s very difficult sometimes to get out of your comfort zone. And she and I kind of experienced that together, just the unknown, but having her to confide in, especially those times where it really did get hard. That’s my sister for life. Our relationship goes beyond wrestling.”

“We always had, I think, a great special connection. Just being together in the business over the years, working together, experiencing things together, even real-life stuff, family, we just experienced so much together. And I think it’s very special when you find people like that in the business where it goes beyond the work to that. Yeah, I love her. She’s the goat, the greatest of all time.” (quotes courtesy of