Tributes seemingly made to Brodie Lee/Luke Harper during Bray Wyatt’s WWE return

As seen at the 2022 WWE Extreme Rules PPV, Bray Wyatt made his return to the company after being gone for over a year. Fans took notice that tributes were seemingly made to Wyatt’s former teammate Brodie Lee aka Luke Harper.

Twitter user @TrillGCC305 wrote “What a tribute to Mr. Brodie Lee. That mask that Abby The Witch is wearing is what Brodie Lee used when he was Harper as the Bludgeon Brothers. Thanks for that @Windham6 & God Bless & continue to Rest In Power @ThisBrodieLee.” In addition to that, @brienutbutter_ brought up how the lighting for Brodie’s AEW debut was similar to what was used for Wyatt’s return.