Top Dolla addresses report about why Hit Row was reportedly released from WWE

In regards to Hit Row being released from WWE, Dave Meltzer of noted that Top Dolla “rubbed a ton of people the wrong way in NXT and was getting the same reputation on the main roster.” Meltzer added that once the decision was made to cut Top Dolla, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott and Ashante Thee Adonis were likely “caught in the crossfire.”

Top Dolla addressed the report with the following comments on Twitter…

“Here’s what rubs people the wrong way.

-Standing up for your own. When Bri [B-Fab] was released and I called the office myself to tell them they made a mistake.

-Standing up for yourself. Ppl in the PC told me “Hit Row” wouldn’t work for a year and a half & I never took their advice.

TRUST ME I got plenty stories I can tell about how I was disrespected but just took it on the chin like a professional.

Even with the video I released today it was all professionalism. But I’m NOT gonna let these BS “reports” ruin my reputation.

I got tea I can spill too.”

Here is Top Dolla’s rap song about his departure from WWE…