Tony Schiavone on his AEW announcing career: “I think I’m really getting too old for this sh*t”

Tony Schiavone, who turned 65 in November, talked about his career as an AEW commentator possibly winding down soon during his podcast…

“I’m actually, to be honest with you, I think I’m really getting too old for this sh*t, I really am. No, I do, I really think I am getting too old for it. I think what’s in my future is just maybe podcasting and, I don’t know, playing video games.”

“I ain’t got many more years left in this business. I don’t have, oh, it’s a young man’s business, and at the age of 65, I realized it. It’s a young man’s business. The day I turned 40, I needed glasses that day. The day I turned 65, I just woke up tired and I’ve been tired ever since then. I’m telling you, I’ve been tired … I just think that life is on the way downhill right now.” (quotes courtesy of