Tony Schiavone didn’t know William Regal was going to be at AEW Revolution

During his podcast, AEW announcer Tony Schiavone talked about William Regal’s surprise appearance at the 2022 Revolution PPV…

“I was absolutely stunned about William Regal. I did not see him prior to that. Then all of a sudden, the live interview I had done with Bryan Danielson a few weeks prior made sense because he mentioned Regal’s name. I remember in that interview thinking, ‘Wow, that’s some inside baseball talk there. I don’t know if he got permission to say Regal’s name or not.’ It just didn’t dawn on me that Regal would show up.”

“When he walked in, the fans went bananas chanting his name. It was a great scene. Before I went back and did my thing with Swerve, I ran back real fast and asked one of our producers backstage where Regal was. He said around the corner. Regal was standing there. I went up to him and grabbed him, hugged him, and said, ‘Well you son of a b*tch. You kayfabing son of a b*tch.’ He said, ‘How are you doing?’ I said, ‘I’m doing excellent.’” (quotes courtesy of