Tony Schiavone comments on why fans are booing Cody Rhodes

During a recent edition of Ask Tony Live! on, Tony Schiavone talked about fans booing Cody Rhodes in AEW…

“Cody has a reality show and he gets his own special entrance. I understand he’s getting booed, but he gets cheered a lot too. I’m in the arena so I can hear it and see it much more than you guys can. I think he got cheered as much as he got booed in Orlando, it’s just the people who boo are much louder and more obnoxious. I even saw pictures afterwards of guys who were taking selfies with him saying, ‘Hey, I booed him, but he’s a great guy’, which he is. When Justin Roberts started calling him ‘The Prince of Wrestling’, that kind of stuck in people’s craw as well. He started winning matches. Obviously, he’s an EVP so everybody thinks that he gets preferential treatment, and that’s not true. I mean, he lost the first two matches to Malakai Black, so he hasn’t won all of his matches. He lost to Brodie (Lee). It’s not that he wins every match he’s in. Some people just don’t like him. I happen to like him because I like his family.” (quote courtesy of is creating Wrestling Community. Podcasts. Experiences. | Patreon

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