Tony Schiavone comments on Toni Storm putting her ass near his face during AEW Collision

As seen during the October 28th 2023 edition of AEW Collision, Toni Storm laid across the announce table next to Tony Schiavone. While speaking on his podcast, Schiavone discussed the moment…

“Well, I knew that Toni was going to do something on the table. I thought she was just going to sit on the table, but she yanked the top off and stared at me and then just laid right on the table with her rear end right here in my face. So now I’ve got a girl’s rear end of my face and I’ve got to play it straight.

Then she takes an orange, she had two oranges, right? She flipped me one if I recall or handed me one. I ended up with one. Then she bit the other orange. She bit right into it real hard right there, boom, and orange juice squirted in my face. I took that orange and lobbed it over towards Dasha’s lap when we went to a break.” (quote courtesy of