Tony Khan’s reaction to the 2022 AEW Blood and Guts match

During an appearance on the Battleground podcast, AEW President Tony Khan discussed the 2022 Blood and Guts match…

“It was a great match. There are some differences [between WarGames]. There’s no coin toss involved in Blood and Guts. It’s typically done through a match or a contract that we agree to how we end up at the man advantage. We also have two doors, so you don’t have the two teams having to stand anywhere near each other. You can completely separate these two teams that want to rip each other’s heads off in the Blood and Guts Match. The cage is designed differently, and also this year, it was six on six. So there were more wrestlers involved. The Blood and Guts Match we had was just tremendous, it was one of the best matches we’ve ever had on TV in AEW.”

“It was a huge success being the No. 1 show on cable, and that match in particular, there were over 1.1 million viewers watching throughout the match on average. It really peaked with a huge audience at the end for an exciting conclusion. Some of the top stars in wrestling made their way to the top of the cage and it got absolutely crazy by that point. It was a great hour of television. The match actually was the entire second hour of the show and it definitely held the audience’s interest. It was the peak of the No. 1 on cable on Wednesday and we continue to get these great ratings thanks to the support of the fans.” (quotes courtesy of