Tony Khan was allegedly mad that one of Chris Jericho’s AEW matches didn’t get a five star rating

During his Talk is Jericho podcast, Chris Jericho reflected on his “Quake by the Lake” match against Jon Moxley in 2022. Jericho claimed that AEW President Tony Khan was mad that the match wasn’t given a five star rating by The Wrestling Observer‘s Dave Meltzer…

“All right after that August 10 2022. It was Jericho vs Moxley for the title. Punk was hurt at this point in time and And we had a blast. It was in Minneapolis and this is where Mox had the idea for me to come back as Lionheart which I thought was a really cool concept and a cool thought. I came out to the White Zombie music and I had the old school Lionheart inspired tights. They weren’t the original Lionheart tights, I went to look for them in my storage unit, and I couldn’t find the exact ones. So I thought, well, if KISS was going to do a replica of their 1977 costumes, they wouldn’t wear the same ones. They would get new ones made. So I got new tights made that look like the Lionheart. Tony was so impressed because I had lost so much weight from my pulmonary embolism. He’s like, You look like you did you know when you were actually the Lionheart in 96. And actually, I did look kind of similar in a lot of ways.

We had just a hard hitting match, I love working with Mox. He’s such a great performer, such a great wrestler, and I legit hit my head on the steel ring post, I took the turnbuckle pad off and I hit the ring post, and I legit got hit, I still have a nasty scar in the middle of my forehead from that cut, and very jagged. That’s why it’s nasty because it was really from the turnbuckle pad. So it was just covered in blood and it was actually the only time anybody’s ever kicked out of the Judas Effect, you know, because I figured this is the time to do it. And it was such a great match. I really, really loved it. I remember Tony was mad that Meltzer didn’t give us five stars, he gave us four and three quarters like it was pretty much the same thing. But it was a five star match in my book, one of my favourites, and I’ve always had great chemistry with Mox because we’d like beating the sh*t out of each other. It’s that simple. We really have no boundaries when it comes to working together. Just the same thing I used to say to Benoit, don’t break my nose and don’t snap my teeth, other that hit me as hard as you can. So just a great match with great chemistry.” (quotes courtesy of