Tony Khan still wants to avoid having “major mass layoffs” in AEW

While speaking to media after the 2023 AEW All Out PPV event, AEW President Tony Khan commented on Sonny Kiss’ profile being removed from the official AEW website.

Khan has previously stated that he doesn’t want to release wrestlers. Despite the roster’s growing size, Khan wants to continue having wrestlers under contract until their deals expire…

“I’ve really liked Sonny Kiss, we have a roster of over 100 wrestlers now across AEW and Sonny’s a great wrestler, I think I’ve done a lot to really keep the locker room stable and I have a lot of people that I normally keep under contract, but also I’ve done well I think to not do major mass layoffs and let 20, 30 people go at a time, but I can’t renew every single contract in AEW, it would be impossible and with such a big roster and limited amount of TV spot, I think Sonny Kiss is a great wrestler and had a lot of potential from the beginning of AEW and still has a lot of potential as a wrestler.

I think he could certainly be back eventually, as we’ve seen some wrestlers go on and do exciting things and come back, like Stu Grayson for example, so you never know what the future holds for Sonny Kiss or AEW.” (quote courtesy of