Tony Khan reportedly received criticism from some people in AEW over the Vice President of Post Production being let go

As previously noted, AEW’s Vice President of Post Production Kevin Sullivan was let go in a decision made by Senior Vice President and Co-Executive Producer Mike Mansury. According to Dave Meltzer of, people were said to have been in shock about it as Sullivan was heavily praised across the board for his production work.

Meltzer noted the following…

“There was criticism from some that [AEW President] Tony Khan didn’t step in and stop this from happening given Sullivan’s tenure and work. Another person noted to us, ‘Another day one guy gone. Sad. Great guy. Worked tirelessly since the beginning. Really understood the original mission statement and feeling/image we were going for.'”

According to Meltzer, the story going around was that Mansury told Sullivan about AEW’s plans to move in another direction for 2024.