Tony Khan on state of AEW: “This has been the most stable TV crew we’ve had all year”

During an interview with Robbie Fox’s My Mom’s Basement, AEW President Tony Khan commented on the state of AEW…

“We’re on the best run of Dynamite ratings, the best six weeks we’ve had all year have been the last six weeks. I think it’s been in large part due to, most of all, the great support from the wrestling fans, but also the wrestlers. Right now, we have a great crew, we have great champions, great contenders up and down the card, and now great stories coming into place because this has been the most stable TV crew we’ve had all year.”

“The TV roster, like I’ve been saying, has just been great. We’ve had young stars come into place, we’ve had some of the top stars stepping up, and it’s been stable. You’ve seen a lot of the top stars consistently week-to-week, which we weren’t able to. I would feature them, but a lot of them weren’t here. It’s great timing, and it’s a great time in the company, and I think it’s a great time in the wrestling business, and a great time to be a wrestling fan.” (quote courtesy of Robert DeFelice)