Tony Khan explains why AEW doesn’t have a lot of writers

During an appearance on the Wrestling With Freddie podcast, AEW President Tony Khan talked about the CM Punk vs. MJF storyline…

“I am the administrator in a lot of ways. What I think is really cool is people will ask why I don’t have a lot of writers. It’s because I work with the top talent. With MJF and CM Punk, with each of them, I’ve spent hours and hours sitting and planning and talking. They both came in with such great ideas, and a lot of the stuff just matched up beautifully.”

“They both had long term story ideas and things we could do. When you have wrestlers with those kinds of great ideas, look, I don’t have to do every idea that gets thrown at me. I try to pick the best ones and talk to different people about different ideas. But I feel like I’m better off talking to the two of them. Imagine if I had gone off in a room with neither of them with like six other people.” (quotes courtesy of