Tony Khan calls out Fox News after article is written about how AEW viewership is ‘cooling off’

An article was published on with the title Jaguars’ Urban Meyer drama, AEW excitement cooling off part of rough month for Khans and here is an excerpt…

“AEW had a very successful summer with the acquisitions of CM Punk, Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole from WWE. AEW’s shows ‘Dynamite’ and ‘Rampage’ each popped with more than 1 million total viewers at their peaks.

‘Dynamite’ peaked at 1.319 million viewers Sept. 8 when Punk addressed fans for the first time since appearing at All Out. ‘Rampage’ peaked at 1.129 million on Aug. 20 when Punk made his debut in Chicago.

Since then, things cooled off with ‘Rampage,’ attracting around 500,000 viewers. ‘Dynamite’ attracted over 900,000 viewers Wednesday for the first time since mid-November thanks to its ‘Winter is Coming’ special.”

AEW President fired back at Fox News with a series of tweets…

“Hey @FoxNews it’s amusing hearing you opining about @AEW ratings considering #AEWDynamite on Wednesday has beaten EVERY single @FoxNews show for 6 straight weeks! Here are the recent charts (including this week) to prove it. See you TONIGHT on @TNTdrama 10pmET/9pmCT @ #AEWRampage”

“Thanks @FoxNews, I appreciate that you’ve highlighted @AEW ratings when #AEWDynamite on Wednesdays has beaten EVERY single show on your network for 6 straight weeks. Here are a few more charts, Twitter only let me attach 4 weeks worth to my last tweet! See you TONIGHT #AEWRampage”

“Did you know #AEWDynamite on Wednesdays on @TNTdrama has beaten EVERY single show on @FoxNews for 6 straight weeks? Surely @FOXNews knows as they like talking tv ratings; maybe they should focus on their content instead of playing boar on the floor. See you TONIGHT @ #AEWRampage”