Tony Khan believes that Mercedes Mone “is perfect to be the face of AEW”

Following her official debut with AEW, Mercedes Mone and AEW President Tony Khan did an interview with NBC Boston. Khan said the following about Mercedes’ potential…

“Mercedes, one of the greatest wrestlers in the world. She’s going to help bring in new audiences from all over the world. It’s such a great question, because I think not only is she going to come in as one of the faces of AEW, one of the top stars, but she’s also one of the best wrestlers, one of the most charismatic people, somebody who loves wrestling.

I’m so glad you asked, because to me Mercedes not only is somebody who loves the wrestling business, loves getting in the ring and wrestling, but loves the fans. And I think that’s what we’re all about in AEW, and I think that’s why Mercedes is perfect to be the face of AEW.” (quote courtesy of