Tony Khan asked about FTR’s lack of AEW tag team matches in recent months

AEW President Tony Khan did an interview with and here is an except regarding FTR…

Connor Casey: “You’ve probably seen it already, but FTR mentioned you not booking them after they defended their IWGP tag titles at Royal Quest this past weekend. And I looked it up, the two haven’t been in a straight-up tag team match on Dynamite since May. Is there a reason behind that?”

Tony Khan: “FTR have wrestled at singles. They have had some trios and, of course, have had a number of pay-per-view matches in that time, both in Ring of Honor and in AEW. But I think we could look to see them in tag action and maybe defending some of those tag team titles that they hold. They hold three different tag team championships in companies that we all have affiliations with, across Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and Lucha Libre AAA. And certainly, I’ve been instrumental in organizing their bookings overseas and with Ring of Honor, where I also do the bookings.”