Tony Khan addresses Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter being away from AEW television

While speaking to Raj Prashad of Uproxx Sports, AEW President Tony Khan addressed Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter being away from AEW television. Here is what Khan said to say regarding Britt…

“Dr. Britt Baker is one of our original stars and she’s been out injured for an extended period of time. I’m very eager to get Britt back here. She’s somebody that’s been part of AEW all along. And we’d love to have her back in the mix very soon.”

Khan said the following about Jamie…

“Former AEW Women’s world champion Jamie Hayter has also been out for an extended period of time with injury. Jamie Hayter’s timetable is still pending. But I think having Jamie Hayter back in AEW would be fantastic. And I would love to have Jamie Hayter back working in AEW anytime and whenever she’s healthy and capable of doing it would be great for us.”

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