Tommy Dreamer suspended indefinitely from Impact Wrestling

As previously noted, a new Vice TV Dark Side of the Ring episode premiered which featured the WWE’s “Plane Ride from Hell” in 2002. One of the stories from the episode involved Ric Flair allegedly exposing himself to an attendant during the flight and making unwanted advances.

Tommy Dreamer trended on Twitter due to his comments in regards to Flair’s alleged actions. According to Mike Johnson of, Impact Wrestling’s Ed Nordholm sent out an email to the company’s roster and staff today regarding Dreamer. Nordholm wrote in the e-mail that Dreamer has been suspended from the company indefinitely.

Johnson noted the following about the e-mail…

“Nordholm stated that the company was made aware of comments Dreamer made on last night’s Dark Side of the Ring and they were ‘out of line with our core values’ as a company.”

Here is a statement from Impact via John Pollock of…

“We are aware of Mr Laughlin’s (Tommy Dreamer) comments on ‘Dark Side of the Ring.’ The views expressed by him in the interview are completely unacceptable. We can confirm Mr Laughlin was suspended this morning with immediate effect, pending further action.”

During the episode, Dreamer said the following about the alleged incident with Flair…

“‘He could move his hips, twirl it and so his well-endowed penis spins around like a helicopter. So, hey, he’s the Nature Boy for a reason, he’s got a hammer on him.”

“Ric Flair’s not going to try to impose by force any sexual stuff onto anybody. He’s just flaunting, styling and profiling, doing the Ric Flair stuff where everybody’s going to laugh about it. But obviously, someone took offense to it.” (quote courtesy of