TMZ publishes video footage of Matt Riddle “appearing to be drunk” prior to airport incident

In early September, Matt Riddle claimed that he was “sexually assaulted” by a New York City airport officer but then deleted his Instagram post. Riddle was later among multiple WWE superstars that were released from the company.

TMZ has published video footage of Riddle “appearing to be drunk” prior to the incident. TMZ described the situation…

“A witness tells us their flight to Orlando was postponed multiple times, so Riddle and his friend waited it out by enjoying drinks at a nearby restaurant. The witness says Riddle was becoming ‘incredibly obnoxious’ throughout the delay … being ‘extremely loud and rude.’ Once it was almost time to board, the witness noticed Riddle walking around, yelling and asking when the plane would take off — before going up to the gate’s front desk and grabbing the mic.”

It was noted by Dave Meltzer of that the airport incident was considered to be “the straw that broke the camel’s back” in regards to WWE’s decision to release Riddle.