Thunder Rosa says there are some weeks in her recovery from injury where “it’s been really dark”

Former AEW women’s champion Thunder Rosa has been working with AEW in a non-wrestling capacity as she continues to recover from a back injury. During an interview with, Rosa commented on how she is doing…

“I’m doing very well. There’s been some weeks, and I’m not gonna lie, it’s been really dark, especially when you think you’re making steps to coming back to the ring and the pain does not leave your body. I’ve done pretty much everything to avoid certain things that you don’t want to do like surgery. There are talks of having surgery. I mean, it is scary. It’s just stuff because of everything that has happened and how things have transpired. It really sucks because I’m not allowed to do things that I used to do before, even in my personal life. I’m not just talking about professional wrestling. I can’t do jujitsu. I can’t go and do certain things because I can land wrong and that will hinder my rehab and stuff. Some weeks I’ve been very, very dark and I just feel like I’m never gonna wrestle again, and some other weeks, things are going really, but when I get in the ring, it’s not so well.

You have to be realistic with certain things and see how you’re going to deal with and cope with certain things because I mean, of course I want to go and wrestle. Of course, I want to get back and reclaim myself in there as a competitor. There’s a lot of new talent coming into AEW and it will be an honor for me to share the ring with them. Also in the independent scene, there’s been some really great talent coming out. I just feel, yeah, I’m just doing production and I’m doing commentary, but it’s like, you don’t feel the same rush that you feel when you’re in the ring.” (quote courtesy of