Thunder Rosa comments on Cody and Brandi Rhodes leaving AEW

During an interview with NBC Sports Boston, AEW women’s champion Thunder Rosa commented on Cody and Brandi Rhodes leaving the company

“I was shocked, honestly. I really respect Cody and Brandi on a personal level. But people have to do what they have to do, right? I sent them a really nice message and I sent a message to both of them. And I was a little sad they were gone because Cody was always like he always received me with his smile and we used to do a community outreach together. So, he’s the one who I contacted – it was my husband actually to contact him – to get me on the community outreach and it was really sweet to see that part of him and the relationship that he had with the fans. The same with Brandi, she always was like that with Heels, and she was always very active with that stuff. So, when people leave, we have to be flexible and some people have to take roles that people left open for it. So, I wish them nothing but the best and it was a pleasure to work with both of them, definitely.” (quote courtesy of