This year’s Wrestlemania to be Daniel Bryan’s final one as a full-time performer?

In an article on, it was teased that this year’s Wrestlemania will be the final one for Daniel Bryan as a full-time performer…

“It really started entering my mind the end of 2019. We had done three or four months in a row on international tours. I was gone for 14 days at a time,” Bryan, whose real name is Bryan Danielson, said in a Zoom interview. “Plus, you leave your kids for that long, you leave your wife [Brie Bella] for that long and all that kind of stuff and it just gets to be a little much.”

“I love wrestling. Wrestling has been my favorite thing for a long time, but I don’t love wrestling nearly as much as I love being a dad. There’s nothing harder than your daughter telling you, ‘Daddy please don’t go.’ It was around that time that I started to talk to the head people in WWE, like I don’t know if I’m going to be doing this full-time for that much longer.”

“Since I’ve come back from retirement I’ve approached a lot of matches with the feeling that this could be your last one, because you never know,” Bryan said. “My last one, before I was forced to retire I had no idea that was my last one even when it was happening. There’s this idea that no matter what the circumstance is this could be the last time you get to do this thing that I’ve done my entire adult life that I get such joy doing. It’s created a completely different perspective almost every time I’ve wrestled since I’ve come back, a different level of joy as I wrestle and do this thing that I love so much.”

Wrestlemania 37 is likely the last we’ll see of this Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan enters WrestleMania 37 prepared to close a chapter in his wrestling career. The former WWE champion and father of two will turn 40 this May. His WWE contract is coming up very soon.