There are reportedly “red flags” to suggest that Vince McMahon has a larger role in WWE than claimed

As previously noted, there has been belief that Vince McMahon was once again involved with WWE creative but people within the company have reportedly denied it. WWE President Nick Khan recently stated that Vince is “not that involved” and has “embraced” Triple H’s role as Head of Creative in WWE.

A report on Fightful Select has some more details about what talent in WWE are saying about the matter. There are reportedly concerns among talent that Vince McMahon has a bigger hand in creative than what has been let on. There have recently been “red flags” to suggest that Vince has a larger role than claimed and Fightful explained…

“Talent have noted that there are more rewrites the day of the show than usual under the Triple H regime. There have also been some strong indicators of characters and gimmicks being adjusted to a manner in which McMahon had previously preferred, that were relaxed or changed when Triple H took control.”

While there have apparently been creative plans adjusted at the last minute, no wrestlers that spoke to Fightful have outright been told Vince is involved beyond giving input to Triple H.