The WWE Network expected to be discontinued at the end of 2024 due to Netflix deal

As previously noted, WWE RAW will be moving to Netflix in January of 2025 and it was reported by that the contract is believed to be for $5 billion dollars over ten years.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer of discussed what the deal means for the WWE Network…

“In March 2026, when the Peacock deal ends, the US aspect of it, which one would think Netflix would want given that Netflix is going to take over that everywhere else in the world, but pretty much the United States and I think wherever else, they’ve already signed it, I think Middle East, Middle East might be the other one. India might be that, also. But for most of the world, they’re going to be taking over the WWE Network. The WWE Network itself, which does exist outside the United States, will be folding at the end of the year. And Netflix will pick up the content. So a lot of people have asked, ‘Will they pick up all the content?’ You know, all the archives? I don’t know. But they will be the sole source of that, you know, the archival content of all the old territories and all the old stuff that was on the old WWE Network. You know, that will move to Netflix outside the United States in January.” (quote courtesy of