The Usos becoming unified WWE tag team champions was reportedly a last-minute decision

During an edition of Wrestling Observer Radio,’s Dave Meltzer discussed The Usos becoming the unified WWE tag team champions on Smackdown

“That was a last-minute decision. The plan was always the angle at the end. And it was never Riddle and Orton winning. (The plan) was a way to get out of it, probably a DQ for Roman Reigns interfering. I wasn’t told that directly – I was only told that they came in and the big thing was the angle, and as far as what they were gonna do for the finish, they went back-and-forth and Vince [McMahon] eventually made the call that, ‘You know what, we’ve been pushing this so much, we might as well do it’. It’s not like this was some long-term plan… literally, there was no plan. Other than they were gonna do the big angle, and obviously the big angle was to lead to Roman Reigns’ matches with Orton and Riddle. At least that’s the plan as of right now and that can change too. But that was what this was all about, and the tag titles are what the tag titles are, and we’ve got one champion.”

“Will they break it up? Nobody knows. Nobody knows when, where or if anything, because the decision itself wasn’t made until Friday. I think that’s why it was on SmackDown, because they didn’t know what they were gonna do. They were just gonna do the angle. If they had planned the unification, it could have been a big deal on this pay-per-view (Hell in a Cell).” (quotes courtesy of