The Undertaker’s appearance at WWE Wrestlemania 40 said to have “happened pretty spontaneously”

As previously noted, The Undertaker appeared at WWE Wrestlemania 40 Sunday in a spot that was reportedly earmarked for “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

During his Six Feet Under With Mark Calaway podcast, Undertaker commented on the process of him being added to the show…

“It happened pretty spontaneously. We got to Philadelphia on Wednesday that week. I think I got a call Tuesday from Triple H that said, ‘Hey, a lot of things are going on. A lot of thoughts are being put into this. Would you want to be a part of it?’ I was like, ‘Look if it works and if I can be of help to it in any way. If I could be of help, fine, whatever you guys need. Just let me know.'”

“I don’t hear anything else until…Thursday. I get a text from Michael Hayes [saying] we’re coming up with some ideas. I’m like ‘cool, let me know.’ That was it. Then I’m at the One Deadman Show. I get a text from Paul Heyman. I’m like, hmmm interesting. This is picking up steam here… It had gone back and forth and I get a text during Sunday.” (quotes courtesy of