The Undertaker addresses Vince McMahon’s “retirement” and a potential sale of WWE

During an interview with Ariel Helwani, The Undertaker commented Vince McMahon’s “retirement” from WWE and a potential sale of the company…

“He called me the day before he announced it, and we got into an argument because I thought he was ribbing me. I said, ‘There’s no way. There is absolutely no way you’re stepping away.’ He was like, ‘Nah, Mark. That’s just what I’m gonna do.’ I’m like, ‘why are you… This is me,’ and we actually, yeah, we ended up going at it a little bit. I was like, ‘Alright, okay.’ Sure enough, next day, you know, Vince resigned. I knew there’s no way he could stay away. Even in this role, I think it’s going to be challenging for him. I mean, that’s his baby, man. He’s the one that created this whole thing. I know he wants to make sure that these TV deals and everything are done the right way, and right now, that’s his sole motivation. I don’t know, we’ll see where it goes, but a WWE without Vince, for me, that’s just hard to imagine.”

“I would have a really hard time imagining that there wouldn’t be some kind of contingency that he has some type of control there. I don’t think he, even if the company was to get sold, which I don’t have any feeling one way or another whether that’s going to happen or not. I just can’t imagine somebody coming in and buying the company and running it the same way with just the dedication to detail [as] the way it’s run now.” (quotes courtesy of Robert DeFelice)