The Rock vs. Roman Reigns teased during an episode of Young Rock

The Rock vs. Roman Reigns was teased during Tuesday night’s episode of Young Rock on NBC (What Business?) during a scene with actors playing the roles of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and a young Joe Anoa’i aka Roman Reigns. Reigns jumped on The Rock’s back and asked to wrestle. The Rock responded by saying “the world is not ready” and a match that big can only happen at Wrestlemania.

Back in November, The Rock shot down the rumors that he would be Reigns’ opponent at Wrestlemania 38 but didn’t rule out a future match…

“Possibly down the road, we will see. We stay very close, myself and Roman Reigns, and I’m very happy and very proud with the work he is doing as well as The Usos, my other family members. Those guys will continue to do what they’re doing and we’ll see down the road.” (quote courtesy of

The Rock vs. Reigns has been rumored for Wrestlemania 39 in southern California.