The Rock reacts to “standards and practices” having issues with his language on WWE television

It was previously reported that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s social media promos have allegedly rubbed some WWE talent the wrong way because of him being able to use profanity in a company with PG guidelines. On television, Rock’s usage of profanity has been censored.

In a post via Instagram, Rock commented on his “Rock concert” segment from the March 15th 2024 edition of Smackdown…

“‘You sound like somebody the Rock can love – drunk and horny’ 馃グ

Networks and ‘standards & practices’ have issues with my language, but I鈥檇 rather be real than not. I talk from the heart, shoot from the hip and try to always have fun. Enjoy the Rock concert. 馃幎 馃槇 馃

~ Final Boss