The Rock issues a counter offer to Cody Rhodes’ challenge for WWE Wrestlemania 40

The March 1st 2024 edition of WWE Smackdown kicked off with a promo from The Bloodline. The Rock addressed Cody Rhodes’ challenge for a match and declined. However, Rock had a counter offer for a tag team match with him and Roman Reigns vs. Cody and Seth Rollins for night one of Wrestlemania 40. Rock said it would be the biggest tag team match in WWE history.

Rock added that if Cody and Rollins win, there will be no Bloodline for Cody vs. Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Univeral title on night two. However, if Rock and Reigns win, the match will be Bloodline rules. Rock wanted a response on next week’s Smackdown.

Tensions were teased between Rock and Reigns as Reigns asked Rock to acknowledge him. Rock ended up doing so and the two embraced as fans chanted “you sold out” at Rock.